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“Sharing Our Passion For Recovery”

Soberoso™ Podcast
Check back every week for new episodes available right here on our Recovery In Paradise website with your host, our sober sis and team member Dora

Johns Recovery Story

John and his beautiful wife Nancy made the move from Canada to Mexico just a couple of years ago and are now living the dream life in Puerto Vallarta where they recently opened a men's substance abuse treatment center, but life wasn’t always so good for John.

In this episode John tells us how he tried many times to get sober doing things his way, Johns way, until the last time more than 20 years ago when he finally found the solution to ending his drinking and drugging.

Recovery Stories

Personal Experiences From Around The World

Listen to the Soberoso™ podcast for inspiring stories from people who tell us of their journeys before and after getting clean and sober. 

* This podcast is proudly produced from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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