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First 90 Days Sober

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Group photo at recovery in paradise

We are thrilled to announce the graduation of our first two men Robert and Viator who have successfully completed our 90 day program here at Recovery In Paradise.

It is such an incredible honor to have watched these two men who checked in back in January totally beaten down by alcoholism literally transform before our eyes. They were willing to be open minded and teachable, they truly had the desire to change.


From day one these men were both dedicated to truly learning how to get and stay clean and sober.

Robert and Viator grew every single day while here and now have the tools to continue living a life in recovery.

They will forever be a part of our family and community in Puerto Vallarta.

Check out this beautiful audio clip where Viator shares his experience in our 90 day program for men.

He tells us how his previous experiences in treatment programs didn't stick and he eventually found himself drinking again. V. wasn’t sure how a third attempt as an inpatient at a new place in Puerto Vallarta could be any different or render any new results, but it did.

If you or a man you care for is serious about recovery let us help him start this journey in Puerto Vallarta Mexico at Recovery In Paradise. We Recover!

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