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Recovery Programs

In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Recovery In Paradise is a client-centered care facility that warmly welcomes men and women. With a focus on substance abuse treatment rooted in 12-step recovery programs, we provide individual attention and offer group participation opportunities for our guests. Our facility accommodates up to 9 beds.


* Other programs available upon request

* Mexican nationals who speak fluent English contact John about pricing.

*Absolutely no refunds given

Core Programs

90 Days

Embark on a 90-day journey to lasting recovery. Engage in group therapy, personalized counseling, and the 12-step process. Enhance well-being with yoga, gym, excursions, and pool. Expert medical care and nourishing meals fuel your transformation.

$18,500 USD

60 Days

Experience 60 days of dynamic renewal. Immerse in group therapy, one-on-one sessions, and 12-step growth. Energize with yoga, gym, crafts, and excursions. Medical support and wholesome meals amplify your revitalization.

$13,000 USD

30 Days

Ignite transformation in 30 days. Dive into group therapy, personalized sessions, and 12-step momentum. Ignite vitality with yoga, gym, crafts, and excursions. Medical care and nourishing meals fuel your rapid progress.

$7,500 USD


Some of our guests dont want to leave Recovery In Paradise PV and we get it. It is paradise and we are like family.

Additional month   $6,500 USD

Detox                       $1,700 USD

Extra Programs
Blackberry and Lemon Detox
Medical Detox

This 1 week medical detox is perfect for someone who needs to cleanse their body of alcohol or drugs, in a safe and loving environment.

  • 24 hour supervision and care

  • 4x visits from a detox doctor Medical IVʼs

  • Healthy meals

$3,500 USD

Support Group

A Caring Community

Upon arrival our guests will be introduced to three different types of fellowships: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

After learning a brief history on these three different fellowships and with the consultation of one of our recovery coaches he will begin the corresponding twelve step program.

Recovery involves rehabilitation, relearning or re establishing healthy functioning skills and values. As well as regaining physical and emotional health

Recovery includes habilitation, learning for the first time the behavioral skills.

attitudes and values associated with pro social living.

Support Group
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Relapse Prevention

Help You Need

At Recovery In Paradise, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. Our Relapse Prevention Program offers a safe space for residents to plan the next steps in their healing process. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

12 Step Recovery


Recovery In Paradise is much more than a residence for recovering individuals. We believe that giving residents the tools they need helps pave the way for a their long-lasting, healthy recovery. Reach out to learn more.


Personalized Help

Trauma healing, PTSD, anxiety and marital problems often acompany addiction.

At Recovery In Paradise, we offer an unparalleled support network that’s tailored to the changing needs of our guests.


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Start  your  recovery journey in paradise with us

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