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Johns Personal Recovery Story

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

John shares his personal recovery story

John and Nancy Martin are the founders of Recovery In Paradise and if you would like to know more about Johns personal recovery story please check out his recent guest interview on the Soberoso™ podcast titled "Recovering In Paradise".

With over twenty years of sobriety under his belt John openly shares his journey with a global audience. He tells us of the behaviors he was exhibiting in active addiction, and how he was living a double life based on lies for more than twelve years.


John shares moments in his life that he is not proud of and how he tried several times to get clean and sober with no luck. He tells us how things have changed in the past couple decades regarding substance abuse and recovery too.

Aside from Johns personal story before and after getting clean and sober he also shares with us all about his and Nancy's vision of opening a substance abuse treatment center for men in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

He shares how they had been volunteering in the community and noticed that there was something missing which ultimately led to Recovery In Paradise PV opening its doors in January 2021.

Have a peak at this little video teaser of Johns interview here and listen to the full episode with him by clicking on the direct links here. Apple Google Breaker Spotify

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