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Recovery In Paradise Is Open

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Welcome friends and amigos to Recovery In Paradise. We are a Men’s English speaking Substance Abuse Treatment Centre offering a 90 day in patient program in paradise.

John and Nancy Martin are the husband and wife team that brought this wonderful service to Puerto Vallarta adding yet another reason to come to this tropical destination.

We moved here from Vancouver, BC, 18 months ago with just the thought of enjoying our retirement in our favorite vacation spot, our second home in Mexico.


We arrived in Puerto Vallarta with over 30 years of recovery from drugs and alcohol between the two of us and jumped right into attending meetings at the local Alano Club in Old Town. We got involved with fellowshipping and started sponsoring men and women in our new community. We then found ourselves volunteering at a local Spanish Treatment Centre.

Although the local treatment center is providing a much needed service we were very surprised to find men and women living here who were looking for help with their addictions and alcoholism but spoke either very limited or no Spanish at all. We did what we could to volunteer by working with them to the best of our ability as outsiders.

However, what this experience did for us was open our eyes to recognize that there was a real gap in helping our fellows who wanted and needed recovery. These patients were either checked in voluntarily or involuntarily for months at a time to address their addictions yet could literally not hear the recovery message due to a language barrier. We felt there was a gap in this system and that we could start to fill it.

That is how the idea for ‘Recovery in Paradise’ started to take shape. After finding the perfect Villa with a lot of outdoor space, a pool and building an English speaking team we opened our doors in January 2021 and had our first guests checking in.

We are a client centered care facility with eight beds which allows for individual attention from our team as well as group therapy sessions and interaction. We are one big happy family here at Recovery In Paradise PV ready to help you start a new clean and sober life.

If you know of a man who could benefit from joining our 90 day inpatient program to jump start his new life in sobriety please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We are here to help!

Please be sure to sign up for our blog to follow our journey at Recovery In Paradise.

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